3D MINES V1.2.1

Martin Reddy



Version 1.2.1 (Current Release) [16 Aug 1997]

  - minor source code changes - fixed code that produced errors under
    some compilers.
  - updated all documents to indicate new e-mail and web address
  - web pages moved to http://www.MartinReddy.net/3dmines

Version 1.2 [25 Sep 1996]

  - we now have Inventor 2.1 installed and I found that there are a number
    of other cases which need conditionally compiled for V2.0/V2.1. These
    have now been defined and so Mines should compile under V2.1 without
    any problems.
  - sorted lots of little display incongruities which occured with the
    shift from Inventor 2.0 -> 2.1 (e.g. texturing appearance etc.)
  - previously if you kept your finger on the left button at the start and
    end of game then you zoomed past all of the end of game, start new game,
    get ready sections. (This was particularly evident if you had Animations
    Off.) Now, you must release the button and re-click in order to skip a
  - the odd menu shortcut (Alt+) event was lost. This has now been
    fixed. Also, the standard shortcuts are now CTRL+, inline with
    other SGI products (e.g. WebMagic, Annotator, Showcase etc.). N.B. the
    old Alt+ shortcuts will still work.
  - you are now told the keyboard shortcut to unpause when you first pause.
  - can now use the "?" command line option as well as "-help" and "-h"

Version 1.1 [25 Jun 1996]

  - text.c++ contained errors if compiled under Inventor V2.1 (fine under
    V2.0). Have now added an optional define to the Makefile to specify
    the version of Inventor being used. This will be used to selectively
    compile code for either V2.0 or V2.1. [19 Jul 1996]
  - added an extra level of tile complexity. Can now have tiles which are
    just a single polygon (in addition to cuboid and smooth tiles). This
    should make performance slightly better on low-end machines. 
  - can now click the left mouse button to start the game instead of going
    all the way the the File menu to select the New Game option. What a 
    hassle that was!
  - cleaned up some of the source code.

Version 1.0 (Initial Release) [5 Jun 1996]

(c) Martin Reddy (16 Aug 1997)
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