Version 6.0

EdWord Professional is a shareware text editor, written for the Amiga range of computers by Martin Reddy. It is a powerful and versatile editor that offers a wide range of facilities, whilst maintaining a friendly and easy to use interface. The full version is now freely-available. These web pages have been developed to provide up to date information on the EdWord Professional product and to enable direct access to the latest releases.

New [Jan 03]: Full EdWord Source Code Released under GPL.
New [Feb 01]: V6.0.1 Full Version Released into Public Domain.

About EdWord

* List of features
* Some example screenshots
* Major Changes since V5.6
* About the author
* Comments & Reviews
* EdWord Development Status

Free Downloads

* Download the Full EdWord Pro V6.0.1 system
* Download the Full EdWord source code [New]
* Download the EdWord Pro V6.0.1 demo
* Download the EdSpell V1.0 spell checker package
* De-Archiving Utilities

The Language Editor

EdWord Professional
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