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Utilities & Source Code:

* GIF - PC Program to view GIF files (includes C++ source).
* GIF - Pascal code to read GIF files.
* BMP - Pascal code to read and write BMP files.
* RGB - C code to produce RGBA transparent images.
* GIF - Creating Transparent Images for Web Pages. [Link]
* GIF - Information on GIF Animation for Web Pages [Link]
* GIF - PC Program to convert GIF->DXF
* PCX - Pascal Code to display PCX Files
* PCX - Util to convert AutoCad SLD->PCX (PC)
* JPG - FTP directory with JPEG Info & source code [Link]
* PIX - Photoshop plug-in to read/write PIX images & a quick note.
* Paintlib - A C++ library for decoding/manipulation various image formats [Link]
* Formats - Max Maischein's File Formats list:
. Formats List (images, binaries, archives, sound etc.)
. Documentation and Intro.
* Image Viewer - VGIF for PCs [Link]
* Image Viewer - SEA Viewer for MS-DOS [Link]
* Image Viewer - Paint Shop Pro (Shareware) [Link]
* Image Viewer - ACDSee, from ACD Systems [Link]
* Image Viewers/Converters - For the Mac [Link]
* 3D Viewer - 3DVIEW (DOS), supports VRML, Lightwave, Imagine, etc. [Link]
* Clip Art - Caboodles of Clip Art [Link]
* Clip Art - The Clip Art Connection [Link]
* Web Pages - No Dither Netscape Palette tips on Netscape colour usage [Link]
* Web Pages - PixelSight. Create custom buttons etc. [Link]
* Web Pages - Gary DeWitt's Button Factory and Icon Factory. [Link]
* Web Pages - Server. Make your own Web pages, Forms, CGI scripts etc. [Link]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

* File formats FAQ (Graphics file formats, viewers, converters etc.) [HTML Version]
. Part 1 : General Graphics Format Questions
. Part 2 : Image Conversion and Display Programs
. Part 3 : Where to Get File Format Specifications
. Part 4 : Tips and Tricks of the Trade
* Graphics Utils' Site & Version FAQ (Lists of viewers/converters) [Link]
* JPEG FAQ (What is JPEG compression and JFIF?)
* MPEG FAQ (The MPEG video & audio standard) [HTML Version]
* QuickTime FAQ (The QuickTime movie format) [Link]
* FAQ (Ray Tracing software, information, questions)
* FAQ (Info, Resources, Formats, Players etc.)
* Picture FAQ (General etiquette for binary newsgroups)
* Color Space Conversions FAQ (Colour spaces, converting, gamma etc.)
* Color FAQ (Charles Poynton's Color FAQ)
* Fonts FAQ [Link] (Font houses, formats, conversion etc.)
* OpenGL FAQ (The OpenGL graphics software library)
* 3D Studio FAQ (The 3D Studio modeling/animation package)
* Gnuplot FAQ (Graph plotting utility)
* TrueSpace faq (3D modeling/animation for Windows)

If you still have questions after all of that lot (!) then you could always check out these popular USENET graphics newsgroups.

Links To Other Sites:

* 3D Object File Formats (CICA). [html]
* Oliver Grau's File Formats for Pictures. [html]
* Oliver Grau's Graphics File Formats page. [html]
* JISC Multimedia File Formats Database. [html]
* Information on the CGM file format. [html]
* File Specs at the Avalon repository. [ftp]
* X2 Support Group Game Development Archives. [html]
* Miscellaneous 2D and 3D graphics formats. [ftp]
* Collection of 2D/3D format information. [ftp]

Miscellaneous Interest:

* A good article on Understanding Image File Formats [Link]
* The UK VR-SIG's 3D Object Archive [Link]
* Deezin Studios Graphic Design Resources [Link]
* Fractal Compression Information [Link]
* CD-ROM Technical Summary
* PC Programmer? Then this might interest you!
* The Image Processing Tools page. [Link]
* Info on the ART 2.0 image format from Johnson-Grace. [Link]
* The Lead Technologies page: creators of the CMP format [Link]
* CorelNET. For all things Corelian! [Link]
* The HLB Tech. CAD Superstore. [Link]
* Minnesota CADWorks, Inc.. (with all DXF specs) [Link]
* Kodak's Photo CD Information. [Link]
* Okino Computer Graphics - home of the PolyTrans converter [Link]
* Acuris Inc. sell a number of 3D geometry converters [Link]

N.B. If you are interested in graphics viewers/converters for a particular format, please check the File Formats FAQ and the Graphics Utils' Site & Version FAQ.