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This app is no longer available.

Are you looking for a new job and need to prepare for a technical interview? This app can help you get ready and secure that dream job!

It includes hundreds of potential interview questions, taken from a range of categories, including: Brain Teasers, Algorithms, C/C++, Java, Programming, Databases, Networking, Web, Technical, and Personal.

Most of the questions include sample answers to coach you on good responses, or to seed your own answers. Just click the "Answer" button to reveal it. To let you formulate and practice your own responses, you can enter a note for any question. You can access this note every time you view the same question.

Most of the technical questions also include a link to a relevant Wikipedia article so that you can read up on the topic in more depth. The Wikipedia page is conveniently displayed within the app, so you are not kicked out of your current session just to read the web content.

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Interview Questions

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