The VRML Object Supermarket

This page offers a means of viewing and downloading all of the .WRL format objects stored at the UK VR-SIG 3D Object Archive. This format has been developed as an open, platform-independent file format for 3D graphics on the Internet. VRML stands for Virtual Reality Modeling Language. Click here for the Web3D Consortium Home Page.

VRML - Inventor converts

Most of these VRML files have been translated from original Open Inventor models using the ivToVRML utility from SGI.

VRML - WLD converts

The following VRML files have been translated from original REND386/AVRIL .WLD objects using the WLD2VRML utility written by Bernie Roehl (Click here to download the
WLD2VRML.ZIP archive).

VRML - VR-ART models

This section contains links to all of the VRML files which have been supplied to the site from the VR-Art archive at the Design Research Centre.

VRML - Buildings

This section contains a number of VRML models of buildings, both real and imaginary. Some of these are quite large models.

VRML - Vehicles

This section consists of VRML files for a number of different types of vehicle, e.g. cars, aircraft, spacecraft etc. Again, some of these models are quite large - particularly the spacecraft models. N.B. Many of these were converted from original .OFF format by the OFF2VRML converter from Jason Mathews.

VRML - Objects

This rather generally named section is for the rather general topic of inanimate objects. So far, this little umbrella term has been extended to cover things like: fruit, tools, crockery etc.

VRML - Scenes

This section is for any models of scenery or landscapes etc.

VRML - Shapes

This is a collection of simple (and some not quite so simple) geometric shapes and primitives.

VRML - Miscellaneous

This section contains a number of small VRML models which do not easily fit into any of the above classifications.
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Martin Reddy